About Sleep Perfection

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the most appropriate and comprehensive treatment of sleep and breathing disorders that may be the result of underdeveloped upper and lower jaws and alleviate health risks for our patients.
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Why Choose Us

At Sleep Perfection, our focus is your total health. We work with each patient to provide understanding, expertise, training, equipment and time to achieve the best results possible and help alleviate your sleep disorders.

We provide a safe place where we can address your concerns in a holistic manner. To achieve this goal, we offer sleep screenings, sleep home testing and sleep solutions. We also work closely with other sleep specialists should we need to refer you based on your specific situation. 

Because we are deeply committed to our patient's well-being, we work side by side with physicians, ENT specialists, and chiropractors for your sleep disorder treatment. We believe caring for your sleep issues is truly a multidisciplinary treatment that should involve your entire medical team.

We offer sleep and breathing solutions that are quantifiable, convenient and non-surgical. 

Dr. Pandhi

Why I Started Sleep Perfection

I have been a general dentist for the last 4 decades. During my time, I have seen many of my patients’ teeth wearing improperly and restorations failing due to acid reflux, clenching and grinding –  even after our best efforts to restore these teeth.

Bring a restorative dentist who is always concerned about providing the best treatment possible, I had to find possible causes and solutions. Through extensive research of the causative factors, I began to understand how sleep and breathing disorders impacted my patients’ dental and overall health problems. As a result, I spent significant time and resources learning from the experts in this field about how to address these concerns to avoid restorative failures.

My training, experience and knowledge of sleeping and breathing disorders have enabled us to provide the best restorative sleep solutions for our patients. At Sleep Perfection, we are passionate in our pursuit of achieving the best overall health for our patients.

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If you’re concerned about sleeping disorders affecting your or your loved ones’ overall life, Sleep Perfection, your go-to sleep center in Tucson, AZ, is here for you! Dr. Pandhi and his team of experts aim to treat the root cause of a sleeping problem, not simply address the symptoms. So, if you want to experience our proven and tested treatment options, visit or call our office today!