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Understanding the Sleep Study Process in Tucson, AZ

Sleep disorders can significantly affect your well-being, energy levels, productivity, and overall quality of life. A crucial step towards improving your sleep and restoring your health is identifying the root cause of these sleep issues. That’s where sleep study comes into play.

A sleep study, or polysomnography, is a non-invasive examination that monitors your sleep to diagnose any sleep disorders. This procedure monitors various vital functions during sleep, such as:

The Benefits of At-Home Sleep Studies

Traditionally, sleep studies were conducted in sleep labs or hospitals. However, at Sleep Perfection, we offer at-home sleep studies, making the process as comfortable and accurate as possible, perfect for individuals who have trouble sleeping in unfamiliar places.

At-home sleep studies allow you to undergo the process in your regular sleeping environment. This has significant advantages:

The Consultation and Evaluation Journey with Dr. Pandhi

Embarking on the path to better sleep with Sleep Perfection means working alongside some of the best sleep medicine experts in the field. A key figure in this journey is Dr. Pandhi, who is committed to understanding your unique sleep issues and finding the best way to address them.

Your Sleep Consultation Process

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of your sleep health, Dr. Pandhi applies a thorough consultation process. This includes:

Potential Sleep Disorders Diagnosed

Sleep disorders vary greatly, and understanding the nature of your particular issue is the first step toward effective treatment. Some commonly diagnosed conditions that Dr. Pandhi deals with include:

If the consultation suggests the presence of these or other sleep disorders, Dr. Pandhi may recommend a home sleep apnea test. This involves wearing one of our state-of-the-art devices, the SleepImage system or the ARES™ device, during your sleep.

Navigating the Use of SleepImage and ARES™ Systems

Sleep studies have evolved greatly over the years, and at Sleep Perfection, we utilize innovative technology to simplify the process for you. We chose the SleepImage system and the ARES™ Home Sleep Test due to their accuracy, convenience, and user-friendly design. Here’s a simple guide on how to use each device for your home sleep study.

Using the SleepImage System

The SleepImage system involves using a ring-like device called the SleepImage Ring. This non-invasive device enables you to complete a sleep study at home, without needing a sleep lab visit.

Here’s how you can use it:

ares sleep study machine

Operating the ARES™ Home Sleep
Test Device

The ARES™Home Sleep Test device is designed for convenience and patient comfort. Here’s how it works:

Features of the ARES™

Multiple Data Channels

Sophisticated Sensors

Audible Tone

Easy Airflow Measurements

Presents More Data

Measures Head Position

Calibrated Acoustic Microphones

Patient Testing Capabilities

No Finger Probes

Multiple Data Channels

Diagnosis and Treatment Options Post-Sleep Study

Once you’ve completed your at-home sleep study, our next step is carefully reviewing and analyzing the data gathered by the SleepImage system or the ARES™ device.

Unraveling Your Sleep Study Analysis

Dr. Pandhi, our expert sleep specialist, will personally review your sleep study analysis. This comprehensive review includes observing your sleep quality, sleep duration, breathing patterns, and more, painting a complete picture of your sleep health. Our team is trained to pick up even subtle signs that may indicate a sleep disorder, providing a precise and trustworthy diagnosis.

Tailored Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea and Other Sleep Conditions

Based on your diagnosis, we will discuss potential treatment options best suited to address your unique sleep issues. Our approach is patient-centered and holistic, ensuring that the prescribed treatment is effective and complements your lifestyle. 

Here’s a brief introduction to potential treatments:

What Happens After the Sleep Study?

If the results of your sleep study indicate a sleep disorder, Dr. Pandhi may prescribe the appropriate treatment for your sleeping problem. 

Some common sleep disorders that a sleep study can evaluate are:


Sleep Apnea

Restless Leg Syndrome


Periodic Limb Movement Disorder


Sleeptalking (Somniloquy)

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

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