Case Study: Significant Airway Improvement with Mandibular Advancement Device

case study of mandibular advancement device

Patient Profile:

  • Initial CBCT Scan Date: 2020
  • Treatment Start Date: February 2023
  • Follow-up CBCT Scan Date: May 2023
  • Location: Tucson, AZ

Initial Diagnosis:

In 2020, the patient underwent a CBCT scan which revealed a significantly narrow airway. The findings were corroborated by clinical examination, which noted symptoms associated with restricted airway, such as snoring and poor sleep quality.

Treatment Plan:

The patient opted for a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) in February 2023. This custom-made device was tailored specifically to the patient’s anatomical dimensions to ensure optimal fit and effectiveness.


Patient Experience:

Since starting treatment with the MAD:

  • The patient reports complete cessation of snoring.
  • The patient feels well-rested upon waking each morning.


Evaluation and Monitoring:

  • Pretreatment CBCT Scan: Conducted in 2020.
  • Follow-up CBCT Scan: Conducted in May 2023, three months after beginning treatment with the MAD.
  • Both scans were performed in the same position and without the appliance in place to allow for accurate comparison.



The follow-up CBCT scan demonstrated remarkable improvement:

  • Overall Airway Volume Increase: 74%
  • Airway Volume Increase in the Most Constricted Area: 133%



This case highlights the profound impact of a custom Mandibular Advancement Device on airway health and sleep quality. The patient experienced significant improvements in both objective airway measurements and subjective sleep-related symptoms within a short period.

Sleep Perfection’s tailored approach to treatment ensures that devices like the MAD are designed to meet the unique needs of each patient, leading to optimal results.

For more information on how Sleep Perfection can help you achieve better sleep and improved health, please visit our website.

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Dr. Sharad Pandhi

Dr. Pandhi is a seasoned dental professional with over 40 years of experience, specializing in treatments for sleep disorders. A graduate of the University of Bombay’s dental school, he established his private practice, Smile Perfection, in 1987, and has since dedicated his career to helping patients achieve ‘sleep perfection.’ Recognized for his innovative approach, Dr. Pandhi combines holistic medicine with appliance treatments to treat sleep apnea and associated conditions, such as bruxism and TMJ dysfunction. His commitment to lifelong learning is demonstrated through his completion of C.E. courses from Sleep Group Solutions and Vivos training, as well as his active memberships in the ADA, Az D.A., Southern Arizona D.A., AGD, and American Academy of Sleep Medicine.